1. My pet has just passed away at home. What can I do?

    Pet Cremation Care is available 24/7. Please call Pet Cremation Care and we will come to your home or the veterinary of your choice, for your pet. Please request the type of cremation services desired for your pet (private or general cremation).Type and weight of your pet.

  2. What types of cremation services do you provide?

    We provide private, pet cremation services. We guarantee only 1 pet in the crematory per cremation cycle. We do not do segregated cremations, where more than 1 pet is in the crematory segregated by trays or other devices unless requested by the pet owner.

  3. When can I expect to receive my pets cremains back?

    Normally, 2 – 5 business days from when Pet Cremation Care receives your pet. Your pet will be returned to you in an attractive scatter box unless, by request, special urn is chosen.

  4. How much does private cremation cost?

    The cost through Pet Care Cremation varies from $80.00 to $165.00, depending on the weight and type of pet. This includes an attractive Chest type Scatter Box but a variety of Urns (wooden, ceramic, Brass or pewter vessels)  and remembrance Jewelry is available

  5. Am I allowed to come to the Cremation facility?

    All pet owners are welcome to be on-site for the cremation by appointment. This is a complimentary service by appointment. Please contact Pet Cremation Care to request this service.

  6. I am concerned that I won’t get my pet’s ashes back as I have heard that pet ashes are mixed.

    All pets are cremated on a personal, private basis.  We guarantee that your pet will not be cremated with any other pet. Pet Cremation Care does not preform communal cremation with the small units.  We have 2, one for privates and the other for communial or large pets such as horses, lamas etc. Each pet is recorded, including time and date of cremation. We do not cremate privately in our large cremation systems unless the pet is over 350Lbs, because it impossible to provide and guarantee for small pet private cremation because of the cooling period required per cycle.

  7. Can I bring my own urn for my pet?

    Yes, you my bring your own urn. Please realize that the weight of your pet after cremation is 7% of body weight and you may have an urn to small for your pet. We will help you size your urn prior to cremation. There is no charge for this service. Please ask.

  8. What if I don’t want the ashes back?

    The procedure is the same. Please call to arrange pickup or bring your pet to our facility by appointment.

  9. What happens to the remains of pet’s that are not wanted back by their owners or by request?

    Pet Cremation Care processes the ash remains and are used as bone meal fertilizer.

  10. Do you cremate Pet Horses or other large Pets?

    Yes! We have a large Cremation system for this purpose.

  11. Do you recommend any veterinarians?

    Yes we do. All of our recommended veterinarians can be found here.

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