Why Choose Us

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Pet Cremation Care When The Time Comes

  1. We treat all pet cremations as if they are from our own family.
  2. All private cremations are private. We do not do semi-private cremations.
  3. Only one pet is cremated at a time per cremation cycle. Two systems are available. One for small pets and a large system for larger pets (horses).
  4. We guarantee the pet owners pet cremains to be the same pet.
  5. All private cremations are logged and recorded.
  6. The cremains are recorded as to which crematory was used.
  7. Cremains are returned in 2 to 5 business days unless requested otherwise.
  8. Pet owners are welcome to be present at our facility by appointment.
  9. Personal family members wanting to witness or be present for closure are welcome by appointment.
  10. General cremains (ashes) are ground and, as bone meal, spread as fertilizer in a farmer’s field.

Pet Cremation Care in the news: http://www.calgaryjournal.ca/index.php/yycatwork/2459-yycatwork-furry-farewell